What's the value of a few surfing pictures ? It's a good question isn't it...
How many waves have you ridden ? and how many pictures do you have ?  Maybe a few snaps that look OK on Instagram is all that you have to show for something that occupies your daily thoughts, and something you do as often as you can. Maybe you even compete at the local board rider club, which are often run in less than ideal conditions for a great picture. 
Wouldn't you be stoked to have some great shots that are good enough to hang on your wall, or even print in an album - captured for all eternity. Something  to show your friends, kids and grandkids - and all for less than the price of a new wetsuit, or a board, or a board cover.  
Surf Photoshoot Land Package - $200 (AUD)
2 hour - land based photo shoot at any spot on the Northern Beaches at a time of your choosing (I'm also a surfer, so I usually know when we have good waves).
1 hour -  uploading all pictures from the shoot to a website, so that you can review them at home and pick 10 images to be developed depending on the look you are after
1 hour -  digital development and enhancement (adjusting colours, cropping) and loading files for digital download.
* Optional Extra - 10 additional images developed $50 (AUD).
All prices also include the experience gained in using camera equipment and adobe lightroom, if you have any questions or you want to customise a shoot please drop me a line on Instagram or here.
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