April 26th 2020.
Location : Freshwater Beach 
I spotted that the beach was closed and I couldn't resist getting a few moody shots on my walk. Its so rare to see both the beach and the ocean empty on a Sunday afternoon. This couple made it to ankle deep water before the lifeguard zoomed down on the quad bike, and put a stop to a cheeky swim.
April 22nd 2020.
Location : Freshwater Beach Ocean Pool
A few landscapes of my local beach using a long exposure, a technique that I had been wanting to try. I used a Circular Polarising Filter, which is effectively 2 (ish) stops, and waited until it was dark enough. F20 | ISO 100 | 2s - 30s
April 2020.
Location : Freshwater Beach
Red & Black Series. Experiments with light painting, the aim is to scale this up and do this with a car (when we get out of isolation)
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