Surf photographer located on Sydneys Northern Beaches, NSW Australia.
As a surfer, I have a deep understanding of the ocean, waves and what it takes to catch a wave. Combined with years of reading surfing mags, watching surf movies and following surf contest provides me with the knowledge to both capture your waves, and then crop and adjusting the best image afterwards. The end result is a high quality picture that you can use on social media or as framed reminder of a moment in time.
You can see examples of my work in the surfing section here and on instagram. Below are some FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

Do you do private shoots ?
Yes, with availability on the weekends.
How can I contact you ?
DM me on Instagram.
How often do you free shoot ?
I usually make a couple of trips to the beach in a week, usually at the weekend and very occasionally during the week if the conditions are cooking (usually before work).  I've started adding these photo sessions to this website
Where do you shoot ?
I shoot anywhere on the Northern Beaches depending on wave and wind conditions, such as The Bower, Manly, North Steyne, Queenscliff, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why and Long Reef (although recently I've been going to a few quieter spots). 
Where can I check if you have managed to capture my epic wave ?
Follow me on Instagram or check out the photo sessions page, you might recognise yourself or someone you know. If you do spot someone you know, please tag them, so that I can credit the wave to the rider. 
Anything Else?
I occasionally get featured on Line up of the Day at Coastalwatch and very occasionally I write tech reviews for Mens Health Magazine.
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